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Street Photography is about how you capture what’s around you, how confident you are as a person, how you handle peoples reactions when or after you take their photo. I know it seems scary but it's not as hard as it looks,  not everybody feels confident in public with a camera and taking pictures of people, you need basic knowledge, it’s like laying a foundation before we build a house, it's what makes it strong. 

Street Photography is not everyone's cup of tea, best to do it for yourself, fill your curiosity. You don’t have to be a serious Street Photographer, as long this genre makes you get up and get out, that’s great.

I believe we only gain something from focusing on what we do and keep on trying. I never stop learning when doing Street, everything about it fascinates me, from the people, shadows, shapes, to en empty road. Since I started Street photography, I never get bored. I do Street everywhere, weekends, during holidays, days out with friends, in good weather or bad weather, in broad daylight or at night. The Street is available to everyone who’s willing to do it, 24/7.

I started my workshops  in 2017, it’s my great pleasure to introduce Street Photography to others and keep motivating them afterwards. I regularly see my workshop attendees doing well after workshops, they start “seeing things” which is the hardest part in Street photography also  gain the confidence to go out on their own and the most important thing is they enjoy it, feeling that Street Photography gives them something to look forward to.

During the workshops I show my skills by showing some of my images that I have taken over many years, I point out good subjects that I spot on the Street and give them the explanation and of course I make sure my attendees doing a lot of practising to gain their confidence.

My advice to beginners is: Go out, make lots of mistakes and importantly, enjoy it!

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